Hidcote James

ORS as 03 22



GC Syncitykitys Hot Design

ORS ns 22

        CH San-Toi's B B King of                       Syncitykitys                 ORS a

GC Sheronas Bingo of San-Toi,   ORS n 22
San-Toi's Harmony of Sherona, DM, SIA n

GC Syncitykitys La Reve of San-Toi, ORS ns 22

CH Rhoshigar Rumble of Syncitykitys, ORS ns 22
CH Felitan Sassy of Syncitykitys, DM, ORS ns 24


CH Hidcote White Christmas

ORS a 01 21

GC Kat-Tres Alfredo of Hidcote ORS a 03 24

GC, RW Kat-Tres Borderlion of Howiewood, DM, ORS n
GC Maracai's Janelle of Kat-Tres ORS n 03 24

 CH Guinevere van Scarlettini  ORS a 03 24

         GIC 7th Heaven's Galaxy     ORS c 24
      Xegoya van Scarlettini       ORS a 03





Argo Baty Hilton-Cats

ORS n 24


CH Hollywood Capri Jungle

ORS n 22

CH Manalishi's Fade to Black     ORS n

Unchat du Soleil Noir of En Tenere, ORS n 25 03
      Donnatella v.d. Focke          ORS b

       CH Capriol Fiery Jangle           ORS f 24

       GICH Kattilan Old Spots          ORS n 24
            ICH Fiery Jungle               ORS gs


WCH Batista Embassy Ori

SIA n 21

          Aliyar du Soleil Noir             SYS n 21 03

      Felides Vivres Furr - Tune      SYS n 03
      Maramao Sweet Anneli        ORS n 25

GICH Tallula Esmina East Wind   ORS n 24

        GICH Kattilan Old Spots         ORS n 24
  CH Esmina Angie Oriental Gold   ORS b 24

                                                                                              Caesar Adoro of Origamy